Friends in high places

Ask a Juggalo

Q: Do you know any Juggalos in jobs that the average reader wouldn't expect?

A: I guess what's always stunned me is the professional entertainers, movie stars, movie actresses that are over-the-top proud to say that they're fans of ICP. I think it's personally awesome when you see an athlete wearing some of their clothing. Not that you see it in Sports Illustrated. But when ICP was running with the WWF, it was so awesome to see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin rocking the green Great Milenko shirt, which is now kind of a rare shirt that they only reprinted one time. (And, yes, I have one.) You know, here comes Stone Cold in his plain clothes, walkin' down the street in his denim shorts and an ICP T-shirt. That's awesome, you know? Totally, totally awesome.