A reader is still bent out of shape about Twisted Tavern, and more reader responses


Relentlessly Lessenberry

In last week's Politics & Prejudices, Jack Lessenberry wrote about "relentless positive Rick" and the total, humiliating failure that was Proposal 1.

Reader "Adam" says: Jack, you say "they," but shouldn't you say "we"? If I remember correctly you were one of those people pushing hard for this piece of crap bill. You should feel the sting of the voter's rebuke just as much as Snyder or anyone else who supported it. You wrote at least two columns practically begging everyone to vote for Proposal 1. Jack, you like to cry about other people not doing the right thing. It's time for you to do the right thing and share some of that humiliation.

Reader "JLCGULL" says: It really is a toss up between Gov. Rick Snyder and Flint's Inez Brown for the incompetence crown, Jack. But given what Rick has wrought with Proposal 1 (put all of his eggs in one basket and then dropped it in a pothole) and how he's wrung the necks of black kids in DPS (divide and conquer), Snyder is the undeniable king of incompetence, for the Grail castle in Lansing is inhabited by a wounded Fisher king! Au revoir, professor, relentlessly!

Bent out of shape

Concerned reader Steven Parker called us up a couple more times this week to insist we cover Twisted Tavern and Nightclub soon. Here are a couple voicemail messages Parker left us:

This is Steven Parker speaking. I hope you're going to be doing the story on Twisted Tavern and Nightclub soon because I've been dying to hear about this because I know you guys failed me on this for not being one of the best places of this year, so I want you to make up for that. Please do this story on this next article or else I'll keep pressing until you do this story, OK? Because I don't like the way you guys are handling this. Just tell me when you're going to do it, OK!

C'mon you guys, I hope you guys are doing the Twisted Tavern and Nighclub story, this is Steven Parker speaking. I'm hoping to see it in the next issue, or the future issues. Just get on it, OK? Thanks and goodbye.

[Editor's Note: Our annual Best of Detroit winners are based on reader votes.]

A delayed response

In October 2009 Detroitblogger John wrote an article about White Grove Restaurant. Years later, we're still getting some feedback on the piece.

Thank you for writing the article about my grandmother's restaurant. The article was harsh and true about what happened around her restaurant for all these years it was open.

I grew up in the back with my mother and grandmother working side by side for many years. My grandmother, Freda, passed away in February 2013 and my mother quickly sold her restaurant to a gentleman who only bought the property with the hope to cash in big with the new Red Wings stadium. The memory of my grandmother, I fear, is wiped clean from the streets of Detroit and that saddens me every day. Since her passing I've moved away from Michigan, but long to return and return our family name to the great city of Detroit.

Again, thank you for the article about the restaurant. Seriously, thank you.

James Butler