Saved by the burger: Motor City Sports Bar

An interesting item appeared on Eater this month, in case you missed it: a piece crediting the hamburger at Motor City Sports Bar with saving the tavern from tough times. Is that a stretch? We don't think so. We've been praising the joint's hamburger for at least five years. We used it to inaugurate our Burger Quest column, and we singled them out for praise long before American Axle decided to close the plant and outsource its production to Mexico. (Stay classy, guys!)

The article correctly identifies Metro Times as one of the publications championing the sports bar's burgers, and it tickles us to think we may have helped make a difference over the years.

All we'd add is that the fries are nothing to sniff at either: Thick, steak-cut fries topped with just the right amount of fine-grain salt; ask for them well-done and the littler bits in the bottom of the basket will help you finish your meal with a satisfying crunch. And burger, fries and beer can all be yours for less that $10.

Motor City Sports Bar is at 9122 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck; 313-875-4710.