Seven reasons to see the Sonics at the Majestic tonight

The Sonics are playing tonight, in Detroit, for the first time ever. 

Great googly moogly!

How is it possible for a bunch of dudes in their 70s to blast such a fierce, joyous, and heavy variant of garage rock?

Well, it helps if those dudes are some of the very originators of that music, as with the Pacific Northwest’s Sonics. “Have Love Will Travel,” “The Witch,” “Psycho,” and of course “Strychnine” — damn!

You’ve already heard these songs covered dozens of times (whether overtly or not), why not show up for this rare opportunity to hear the originals belt them out?

This is going to be so great.

You might be pretty bummed if you don't go. 

I myself am super stoked. Hope to see you there.