Five reasons to see Portland's Sad Horse with Feelings and the Funs at Kelly's on April 23

The show's come together pretty last minute, and there was just a venue change yesterday. So, here's the deal: tomorrow night, April 23rd, at Kelly's Bar, I hope you will please consider going to this excellent DIY event. Sad Horse from Portland is playing with Feelings from here, and the Funs from Chicago. Five other reasons to attend, as promised:

1. They traveled a long way, and their van has been giving them troubles. They kind of sound like blendered-together aspects of 100 Flowers, Dead Moon, Godheadsilo, Kicking Giant, Creedence, and the Minutemen.

2. It's Thursday night; what else are you doing? You can DVR The Americans, or whatever your stories are.

3. They are awesome. Their songs are short and loud and will make you leave your body. You don't need to be stuck inside that old thing all the time; let go of it, for at least a little while, silly!

4. Did I mention they are awesome? It's only two people, doing all of that. 

5. They've released records for Mississippi Records, which hardly allows any contemporary music to get issued on it at all.