'Save Detroit' PSA mocks Detroit's comeback media narrative

"We're a city of industry, the Motor City."

"A destination of new opportunity and rapid growth."

"Housing is cheap."

Et cetera, et cetera.

Detroit's about-face from the Murder Capital of the U.S. to a comeback city is seemingly firmly entrenched in the imagination of the media, apparently driving New Yorkers and Portlandians to up and relocate.

Local filmmakers Cody Stauber and Steve Foran, who collaborate as Hazel House, have put together the following video that playfully pokes through the current Detroit media narrative. Over a twee, Juno-esque soundtrack, Stauber poses around the city, juxtaposing the buzzwords he says with the scenery in the background. The video ends with the slogan, "Like what you hear? Let's change what you see. Save Detroit."

Watch the video below (via Deadline Detroit):