Here's what the Slow Roll looks like from the eyes of a drone

On Sunday, March 29, the Motor City Drone Co. was on hand to observe the first Slow Roll of the season at Eastern Market and take this video. We know, one guy's "drone" is another guy's "quadcopter" — we debated semantics regarding "the D-word" with MCDroCo's Mike Wright last summer. Either way, we look like ants. Ants on bicycles.

Earlier, we reported that the Slow Roll would require membership for future participation as the group attains nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and deals with "all the fun lawyer stuff that comes with insurance and permits." Memberships would come in two levels: A $50 premium membership would come with a T-shirt and other exclusive "patron-only" benefits, while a $10 membership would also be available. (Organizers also admitted a free membership would also be possible, "quietly, confidentially, and with no questions asked," noting that they "trust our community not to abuse this offer, and we want to ride with everyone who wants to join us.")