Drink Up

Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light

When we think of good Canadian beer, we think of Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light. Our friends just across the river happen to brew the world's best-selling Canadian beer, and it's no wonder considering they've been around, making classic brews since 1847. Being that they are the official Canadian import beer of the Detroit Tigers, we've gladly embraced the collectable cans the beer-maker has put out year after year. Of course, we'd probably still be drinking the stuff, even if they didn't come in these fancy, special cans, because Labatt also happens to brew one hell of a tasty beer, a staple of any baseball (or non-sports) fan's diet. With its traditional lager taste — nothing lavish or pretentious here — it has both a crisp and refreshing taste, making it the perfect refreshment for a four-hour block of time spent in the sun at Comerica Park. Labatt makes it easy to support your team while drinking your favorite beer.