Madonna brings her weird-ass Rebel Heart tour to Detroit

Madonna announced a 35-city tour today to promote her forthcoming Rebel Heart, including a stop at Joe Louis Arena on Oct. 1. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. March 23 — check out the full details on her official site.

The singer, who once distanced herself from her Michigan roots and seemed to avoid Detroit tour dates, has been showing support for her home state lately, also making Detroit stops in her 2012 and 2008 tours (but skipping out in 2006 and 2004). She even paid a visit to Detroit this summer, stopping by the Heidelberg Project, Ponyride, and the DIME music school

A large number of Madonna die-hards probably hate-clicked this because of the headline and have proceeded to angrily defend their queen in the comments section below without reading this far, but let's be real, guys: The new record features songs about sniffing glue and the Illuminati. Fans have accused BBC Radio of not playing her new songs because of her age, and the singer discussed ageism in a new interview with Rolling Stone. She also biffed it during a recent performance at the Brit Awards.

It's cool, though — we think it's all a very self-aware and well-played campaign to cultivate an image as an older, weirder Madonna. The singer must've seen this coming, posting screengrabs from an older interview in which she asked, "Are you supposed to just die when you're 40?" on her Twitter: