Please join me in tripping over these snapshots of the Who playing at Southfield High in 1967

In 1967, the Who were at the height of their powers.

By 1969, they'd start to slide towards the moldy morass of rock operas and super serious anthems.

But in '67 and '68? They were without doubt one of the most amazing pop groups in the world.

The Who Sell Out
might be the best concept rock album ever released — in part because the concept itself falls apart halfway through.

And who got to see them? These lucky high school kids from Southfield High, that's who — at their own school, no less!

These photos appear courtesy of Don Henderson, guitarist for popular local group the Gang. (The Gang's current website is here, OK.)

Yes, that's the infamous "Pictures of Lily" drum kit, in full display. Were you at this show? Was your granddad? Please let us know, if so.