Detroit's In Style clothing grows

In Style Clothing opened 15 years ago on the corner of Nine Mile Road and Coolidge Highway in Oak Park and the locally owned ladies' apparel store slowly grew, opening subsequent store's around town while experiencing success as a retailer. But about a year ago, the stores' owner, Briggit McClain, opened another location, this one in the new State Fairgrounds shopping center, you know that one on Eight Mile with the Meijer? Sandwiched between Payless and Dots, the independent boutique offers something a little more special than its neighbors. Inside you'll find ladies' apparel ranging from something sweet to wear to the office to a bodycon number that will be drawing some eyes in the club to strappy sandals and sassy accessories. Better yet, prices are reasonable and chances are good that you'll find something on sale that you can't love without. We're still kicking ourselves about a little red leopard print beret that we missed the boat on.

Thanks to this new location, the store has seen an uptick in business and recently McClain decided to close all of her other locations. If you can't find info on the Web about the store, it's because they're in the midst of relaunching their website. We suggest you hit this store before even more metro Detroiters realize what a find it is.

Retail Detail:

"Single, Saved, and Not Having Sex" T-shirt

Showcased between studded, body-hugging dresses and bedazzled flip-flops, this top doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of In Style's stock, which is probably why it caught our eye. Save this one for Sunday morning, you'll be needing the reminder.