The wanderer

Dion Fischer of F*ke Blood said it, I didn't: "Danceteria 1985." What a nice reference. I saw Howard Devoto there, in '83. A mere shadow, but no matter. It was in between songs, not sure which ones. They all ripped like New York in the '80s, Glasgow in the '70s, Detroit in the '60s. The band played last at the Majestic Cafe on Pre-Blowout party night. The prole art consumers were engaged, most stood and stared, a few were moved to quirky dance. Good for your body to move around, kids of all ages. Bassist Marcie Bolen was a blunt force, stylish and glammy on the opposite side of the stage; vocalist-guitarist Steven Darson in the middle-front and Bolen's Silverghost chum Deleano Acevedo on drums in the back. Short pop tunes with verbal electrical charge, authentic rocker flash, black & white magical underpinnings, perfectly representing Dave Buick's Italy Records' raw-power-psycho-pop aesthetic. Buick, meanwhile at the same time, played incredible records from his own catalog and vast collection of wintry smash hits (from scenes here to Manchester) in the Garden Bowl. I heard "It's the New Thing" by the Fall at least twice. Or did I? It's still spinning in my head. Play it again, and louder, this time. And did I miss 'Danger in Disneyland,' hatched by the Denizens 30 years ago in a Livonia basement? I probably did, Goddammit.