The 'Terrible' is silent.

INDIE MUSIC SHOWCASE ft. The Terrible Twos


7 p.m.

Record Time

262 W. Nine Mile



Terrible Twos make a manic, just-slightly-contained racket, a similar sort of thing to what we’ve been hearing from other local cats like the Frustrations or even Lee Marvin Computer Arm. (Though it's not quite as manic as those last guys.) It’s youthful, it’s energetic, it has sharp corners. The changes in “Backpeddlers” come fast, and I think there’s an organ high-note plinking away in the mess somewhere; there’s also an intriguing howl to the Twos’ vocals, something resembling soul if it drank too much. These guys remind me a lot of bands like the Fleshies or Riverboat Gamblers, dudes who will play a show in your house if you promise to either a) let them eat whatever’s frozen solid in your icebox or b) crimp the loose engine hoses in their van.

You don’t have to do either if you see the Terrible Twos at Record Time in Ferndale tonight (Thursday) at 7 p.m. as part of our monthly Indie Music Showcase. We’ll provide you with pizza, soda and swag; the Twos'll provide the rock ’n’ roll fervor.

Also, you’ll be in a fucking record store. Try and buy something. When's the next time Amazon will sponsor a show near your house?


*photo credit: John Buckawitz