Where art thou, Motor City Music Conference?

Alright everyone, grab your head shots, demo tapes, CDRs, and promo packs, because the 2nd Annual Motor City Music Conference is here! Oh, wait. According to its Web site, MC2 2.0 is scheduled for Sept. 13-19. But there’s no further information about locations, venues, panels, showcasing artists, etc., so it seems to me anyway that the conference has either been rescheduled or is treading water on its way to sinking.

I guess it’s too bad if MC2 has in fact been cancelled. Rookie mistakes and logistical issues definitely plagued the conference’s first year. Some people found it difficult to get to showcases, others thought the Cobo-based panel discussions weren’t varied enough, while some artists felt ignored by venue owners or ran into ego issues with other bands on the bill. But I think that, at least overall, MC2’s first year was promising, if not entirely successful. I know the panel that Brian Smith, Chris Handyside, and I sat on evolved into a lively discussion about the aims, successes, and even failures of the rock criticism game. In its second year the conference would have likely fixed some of the logistical snags that found out-of-town guests wandering up and down Woodward Ave. looking for Hamtramck, and everyone involved - from the organizers, to the conference-goers, to the musicians and artists themselves — would have a better idea of what to expect, which might alleviate some of the other issues from 2005.

Besides, whether MC2’s first year was successful or not, it was the product of caring people at least trying to do something positive for music and entertainment in the city of Detroit. “At least try” — that’s a mantra for a city that needs more of the kind of fresh thinking MC2 represented.

Still, what of 2006, or even 2007? I don’t have any more information other than what’s on the conference’s site, so if anyone out there knows anything, feel free to get ahold of me.

Metro Timescoverage of the 2005 Motor City Music Conference:

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