It turns out that the one-year anniversary extravaganza hosted by the Michigan-centric rock website Just Haircuts and Jackets this past Saturday night (Sept. 22) at Ypsilanti's Elbow Room, previewed here several weeks ago, also served as a swansong for the much-beloved music blog.

"I have decided to put Just Haircuts and Jackets to rest," the site's cofounder Annie Moss posted last Thursday. "As most of you know, Erik [Adams]recently graduated from MSU, and moved to Austin, TX. I just began my last year of college, with the expectation of graduating and moving to Chicago by next August. This whole 'trying to graduate and figure out what to do with life' is actually pretty time-consuming (who would have thought?!?!), and just isn't leaving me any time to put in the work and effort to keep the blog up to the standards I'd like. So, in the anniversary month of our one-year-old blog, it's time to say goodbye." She ended with some kind words for the various scenes coming out of the Mitten State: "I really believe we have a unique and wonderful indie music scene here in Michigan. 'Scenes' grow and change and develop and move on, but the little time I've been able to spend as a part of it has been life-changing. I can only hope that the music of our home state will encourage others to take part in promoting these musicians and to keep the scene thriving."

You can read her entire post here