Heavy Meadows

Ah, the quest for the perfect summer soundtrack. For many reasons, music that connects listeners to the thrills, pleasures and anticipation of this season of the year has a lasting effect ... and it's always been so. Albums that come into people's lives at this perfect seasonal moment are rarely forgotten, forever melded into newly formed summer memories, and then frequently replayed throughout the rest of the year. Some of the best summers of a person's life can be recapped via one record — that is, the last surviving artifact of late nights, crazy parties, hilarious stories, broken hearts, road trips, sweat and discovery.

Detroit's own Javelins have created the perfect summer record for 2008. From the very first shimmery wall of guitar, every note of Heavy Meadows is capable of sticking to a listener's heart and brain. In this Internet age of instant gratification, even the most ardent music fans find themselves on a constant ADD bounce-around, eschewing the very notion of taking the time to listen to an entire album. But Javelins have somehow managed to release a true album here — a collection of songs that, while all strong enough to stand alone as a key track on that mix tape you're making for this summer's special crush, will still compel you to listen straight through.

Vocalist-drummer Matt Rickle's voice has a dream-like quality, as he takes the listener through lazy-day memories and mirages via dreamy aural sonics. And his drumming is exceptional. Paired with Julian Wettlin's bass, the rhythm propels each track forward, switching gears and tempos at just the right moment. Matt Howard ties it all together, as Heavy Meadows is simply awash with guitar sounds, chord progressions, and stops and starts that land in just the right spot. In a nutshell, Heavy Meadows will get many of us through — and forever remind us — of this summer, 2008 ... whatever else the season might bring.