As befitting a practitioner of state-of-the-art jazz, tenor saxophonist Joshua Redman has released two discs reflecting both sides of the contempo coin; the Elastic Band plays listener-friendly, if occasionally tedious, funk-jazz while the SF Collective plays in a more traditional and also occasionally tedious if slightly left-of-center mainstream style. The Elastic Band has a lot of snap and Redman is too smart a player to just coast over the tight rhythms with borrowed blues licks, plus there’s the occasional stab at some outre textures (as on the cover of Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman”); but overall this sounds like a bid for radio play. Which isn’t cynical on Redman’s part, just professional.

Meanwhile the collective, an octet with Redman as artistic director, mixes four originals with three Coleman covers in a live performance before an enthusiastic audience and while there’s a few you-had-to-be-there moves, there’s a lot more electricity in this acoustic group than in the plugged-in Elastic band. And occasionally, like when trumpeter Nicholas Payton takes an aggressive and ruminative solo on O.C.’s “When Will The Blues Leave,” things get seriously excellent.

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