No sexist slaver

It’s rare these days for a hip-hop artist to drop an album that embraces simplicity, shuns braggadocio, and is not a 30-track mixtape. After working at it for nearly two years, Tasherre D’ Enajetic has finally dropped his long-awaited debut, Enavisions, on his own NEI Records. Steeped in nostalgic rhymes of the hip hop he once knew, this joyous romp takes us through the days of fat laces and open-mic nights at St. Andrew’s. For underground music fans, this album might be a classic. Nobody gets killed, women aren’t called bitches, and the beats don’t reek of ProTools. Much of the album finds clever ways to rail against industry standards; songs like “Never Will I” catch Tasherre boasting about his refusal to dumb down. Local wordsmith Finale makes a burly appearance on “Finetic,” a bass-heavy track that raps outside of the box. Asylum 7 shows lyrical dexterity on “When Darkness Falls,” a tune on which he laid down wicked vocals and produced. Some Nelly fans might get offended, but true heads will find immediate solace.


Appears each Tuesday night at the Detroit Beer Co. (1529 Broadway, Detroit; 313-962-1529).

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