Sticks and stones

Metro Times Photo / Diana Valdez
Old Shillelagh
A lot of people only venture out to the Old Shillelagh once a year on St. Patrick's Day, when the line to enter wraps around the block and then some. It's a terrible shame, because the Old Shillelagh is most charming when it's not brimming to the bursting point with obnoxious drunks in leprechaun hats and watery green Miller Lite. This is the perfect spot for after work drinks in a low-key atmosphere, or a quick lunch with a coworker. It's classic dive material, which means no fancy-schmancy overpriced foo foo drinks, and decor is minimal, but with an Irish twist. The crowd of regulars is fascinatingly diverse, ranging from sports fans (drawn by the bar's game room and big screen TV), downtown workers and the occasional hipster. Furthermore, after a couple of pints o' Guiness the camaraderie increases, as patrons often find themselves drunkenly singing along to the live Irish music performed nightly Tuesday-Saturday. 'Tis truly a place to revel in your Irishness — even if you're 100 percent Canadian.

Sarah Klein is a Metro Times staff writer. E-mail her at [email protected].