Have you seen these billboards in Dearborn?

Some brand new billboards made their debut in the city of Dearborn today. The black, red, and white signs appear to be splashed with blood. They're emblazoned with quotes from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama calling for the end of female genital mutilation (FGM). 

"Female genital mutilation ... needs to be eliminated" reads one billboard, while another quotes the First Lady, reading, "... female genital mutilation has no place in any country on this Earth."  

These billboards are part of a campaign to promote a documentary called Honor Diaries, a film that brought together some of the world's most outspoken female rights activists to decry the act of FGM, forced and child marriages, and honor killings. 

The film and ensuing campaign are shining a light on the abuse many women suffer at the hands of systemic misogyny, especially in some Middle Eastern cultures. It calls women to take up the cause to help create a change in these male-dominated societies.  

Honor Diaries is available to watch on both Netflix and DirecTV. Catch the moving trailer here.