U2's the Edge to download himself into Warren middle school

As if it wasn't bad enough that this year U2 invaded everyone's iPhones with their lackluster new album, we've received word that the Edge is downloading himself into a Warren middle school.

Students of Warren's Lincoln Middle School will receive "a special video message" from the U2 guitarist at a school assembly on Thursday, Dec. 11. (We can hear the chorus of clueless middle schoolers already: "the who?")

In all seriousness, the Edge co-founded Music Rising, a foundation that recently provided the middle school with 96 musical instruments, along with the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation and Fender. The school got the instruments after music director Tom Torrento applied for assistance in 2013. At Lincoln, the students come from such tough economic backgrounds that all rely on the school for breakfast and lunch, and the school also has the highest rate of students on Medicaid in the country. Music education wasn't a priority at the school, and was on the brink of shutting down before Music Rising stepped in. The program now has close to 170 students out of the school's 600.

The school's new orchestra and band will perform for the first time at the event. Music Rising co-founder Bob Ezrin (producer of Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction, Peter Gabriel, and other bands middle schoolers have likely never heard of ... until now) will also be present.

So ... thanks, the Edge!