Watch Patti Smith interview David Lynch (and vice versa)

"The Godmother of Punk" met "the first popular Surrealist" when Patti Smith and David Lynch recently interviewed each other for the a segment on BBC Newsnight's 'Encounters' series. Among the topics discussed was anti-Putin punk rock guerilla protest group Pussy Riot, who Smith met at Chicago's Riot Fest back in September.

"One of the things they were saying to me was 'Everyone wants us to speak to them but what are we supposed to say?'" Smith says. "And I said, 'You should say that we are all you because of our beliefs, our belief system or trying to say something new, to speak out against our governments or even our churches, or corporations. We are all potentially in danger. Speak to a younger generation to think for themselves.'"

(When we met Pussy Riot in September after their lecture in Ann Arbor, we noticed Tolokonnikova was wearing a Patti Smith t-shirt — we were told by a fan that Smith herself gave it to them when the three met at Riot Fest.)

Recently, Smith has also met the Pope, and she is slated to perform at the Vatican's Christmas concert in December. Maybe she should interview the Pope, too?

Watch the interview below: