Three ways to legally drink underage in Michigan

Whether you're a "cool" parent — and to be honest, "cool" parents are actually the worst — or just a kid looking to get a little buzz on, Michigan law stipulates three occasions under which folks not yet 21 can legally consume alcohol in the state.

1. For religious purposes: Sip on some wine or any other alcoholic elixir, as long as it's part of a recognized religious service. Catholics had it right all along (section 708, 12).

2. For government work-related purposes: Score an undercover gig or get involved in government research, and you're in the clear (section 708, 15, a-b).

3. For educational purposes: In culinary school? Love a good vodka sauce? Maybe some of your primo ingredient will even end up in your food (section 708, 13).

Can't finagle any of these? Lucky for you, Canada's drinking age is 19, and the border's just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Cheers.