Cass Corridog grows up

Cass Corridog is a small store, but it's bigger than it used to be. For its first three years it was found in the lobby of the Detroit location of Canine to Five, a space no larger than 200 square feet. A year ago, the store moved to the strip of Cass Avenue that's currently experiencing a retail renaissance. Nestled near Nora, Hugh, Human, and Source Booksellers, the little shop is packed with nutritious and wholesome dog and cat food, healthy remedies, gummy treats, pet costumes, and even baked cookies and cakes made especially for furry friends.

Stop by, ask a question or two and the friendly staff will help you pick out what you need. Whether it's bitter spray to keep your pup from chewing up the couch or a tincture of allergy medicine to help with your cats skin irritations. Coconut oil, special protein powder for dogs who run daily, stylish (and fluffy) pet beds, kitty blocks for scratching, extra durable leashes and collars, and tons more are all in stock here. Pro tip: it's also close to the dog park on West Canfield.