Detroit's Discount Candles' 7-Day candles can help with any predicament

Discount Candles stands on the corner of Gratiot and Russell in Detroit. The exterior of the building doesn't look like much and, to be honest, neither does the inside. It's not hip or kitschy or trendy. In fact, it's kind of dirty and in a bit of disrepair, but that just adds to its charm. See, Discount Candles doesn't sell just any kind of candle. Instead, they specialize in 7-Day candles, a religious item that's said to help with everything from healing the body to winning the lottery.

Discount Candles is a family operation. The ladies who run it purchase the candles and then stamp them with the names they see fit. There's "Law Stay Away," "Spider Woman," "Chango Macho," "Fast Luck," and about a hundred different varieties to help with any predicament one might find oneself in. Some candles come pre-anointed, some have been prayed over by a holy person from the church, and some come plain. Pay a little extra for a plain candle and get it doused with special powders, glitters, and oils right on the spot. They'll even throw a little prayer in there, too.

Incense, essential oils, and even a line of "Money House Blessing" sprays that double as air fresheners are also part of the stock here. One can pick up bundles of sage, packets of herbs, or some Blessed Bath and Floor Wash to help wash away money problems and open you to the blessings you deserve. The staff is friendly and willing to help in any way possible. Tell them what sort of problem you're hoping to solve and they'll point you in the direction of the right solution.