Travel back in time with your radio dial

Every Sunday morning, 89X forgets that it's 2014 and has a modern rock format. Cristina, your faithful host, guides listeners on a voyage back in time when Morrissey was still sad, but a little less mean.

From 8 a.m. util noon, listeners can tune in and catch tunes from the 70's, 80's and 90's with genres spanning the spectrum, like shoegaze, hardcore punk and industrial. This show gives listeners a chance to hear their favorite songs from those eras. Granted, if you have satellite radio, you can tune into First Wave anytime to quench your thirst for new wave and punk. 

It's refreshing to be able to wake up on Sunday morning, pop on the radio, put on a pot of coffee and hear music by artists that would normally not be played on 89X, artists like The Replacements, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Pixies, Fugazi and Elvis Costello. Further more, Cristina does a thorough job of curating her playlists by not neglecting artists' catalogs. It's not just the hits, she digs deep and strikes gold.