Drink Me: Delux’s Frankie talks cocktails, lost cell phones, and missing weaves

DELUX'S Frankie is as cute as a peach and just as sweet. The bartender has been slinging cocktails at the Greektown drinking establishment for the past five years, and you can catch her there after 9 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. She serves a lot of Jameson, but she says the bar doles out just as many beers and cocktails, all depending on the night. A bit of a party princess and a lover of all things fun, Frankie recently had herself a prom-themed birthday party where everyone was required to don formalwear and get totally fucked up. Frankie says she loves working at the bar downtown, though things can get a little bit messy on the weekends. "We find everything, shoes, cell phones, weaves — especially weaves," she says of bar clean-up.

Hit up Delux before or after a game, concert, or any event downtown or just make this place your destination. Frankie pioneered what's affectionately known as "Tittie Tuesdays," when shots of Jameson are only $3 and beers are $1.50 (Pabst). During the week, the bar hosts a lot of service industry people, according to Frankie, and during the weekend, you'll see everyone and their brother partying inside the bar.