Torii Hunter and wife to roll out new DPS program tomorrow

Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter and his wife, Katrina, are set to roll out a new program through Detroit Public Schools tomorrow. The Heart of a Champion program is set to "elevate the lives of 7,500 students in 39 Detroit schools." 

The program will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 12:30 p.m. at the Fisher Magnet Upper Academy with a special presentation featuring Katrina Hunter, Paws, the Tigers Energy Squad, schools dignitaries, and city officials. 

According to a press release, the program will reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates while improving performance and building character in students. The program is being financed by the Hunters through their charity, The Torii Hunter Project. 

The press release also states the program has proven effective in 26 states, and that the organization behind it has been praised by the White House and invited to testify before Congress about its success. 

The Heart of a Champion curriculum has been proven to change lives with students from a variety of cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. Based on empirical, measurable data, it's the program of choice for organizations from schools to inner-city youth programs to corporate boardrooms across the country. This comprehensive program teaches and reinforces positive character traits while incorporating critical thinking and decision-making exercises and inculcating emotional intelligence. Program results have demonstrated increases in graduation rates, grade averages, individual student self-esteem, and motivation to succeed, as well as decreases in dropout rates, drug and alcohol use, cheating, bullying, and referrals.