Mountain Dew rightfully apologizes to the U.P. after omitting it from Michigan on map

click to enlarge Mountain Dew rightfully apologizes to the U.P. after omitting it from Michigan on map
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Flat Earthers and moon landing truthers, beware: There's a new conspiracy in town and it's being perpetuated by none other than Mountain Dew — but now the brand is apologizing.

Last month, the preferred drink of the gaming community launched its summer #DEWnited campaign which will see the release of 50 specially themed bottles that correspond with each of the 50 states. Cool, right? Sure, if not for the egregious mislabeling of Michigan's beloved Upper Peninsula, or as the U.P.'s Twitter account fired back earlier this week, “America's Peninsula.”

The #DEWnited map shows each state in a different pattern creating a nauseating patchwork of Christmas wrapping paper. Michigan's Lower Peninsula is colored red except for the U.P. which appears to have been absorbed by Wisconson's green and white chevron.

The official U.P. Twitter account retaliated this week with a Liam Neeson-level ultimatum: “Fix this, or send a free case to all my residents. Your call.”

While awaiting a response from the green pop, the U.P. account fired back yet again at the purveyors of the green pop, daring the brand to include a U.P. edition of their #DEWnited campaign.

As of Wednesday, things are looking U.P. as Yoopers' calls for justice were heard by the caffeinated ears of the official Dewds and Dewdettes of Mountain Dew's Twitter account.

"Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we’re sorry for misplacing you on our #DEWnited map."

As an olive branch, Mountain Dew proposed filling a bottle label with all the things Yoopers and Michiganders love about America's Peninsula, teasing the possibility of a special design dedicated to all things U.P.

As it turns out, Mountain Dew isn't the sole offender of Yooper erasure. There's a slightly inactive Facebook group, appropriately titled “Maps without Michigan's Upper Peninsula” which calls out all instances of the U.P. disappearing from maps, or, in the case of the Dew's major don't, the absorption of our beloved peninsula.

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