Kid Rock ordered to produce dildo in ICP sexual harassment lawsuit

File this one under "WTF" (and "NSFW") — attorneys representing former Psychopathic Records employee Andrea Pellegrini have announced that they have subpoenaed Kid Rock to produce a glass dildo in her lawsuit against against the Insane Clown Posse.

According to a press release by Rasor Law Firm, Pellegrini testifies that Psychopathic employee Dan Diamond gave her a glass dildo as part of ongoing sexual harassment she endured while working there. When she declined, Diamond says he then gave it to one Kid Rock as a "work of art."

The crux of the issue is whether or not the glass dildo is a "work of art," which is why Kid Rock is being subpoenaed. Attorneys hope to prove that the dildo was vulgar and obviously a sexual advance. Diamond admitted under oath that he told Pellegrini he called had “a fat cock” and told Pellegrini that he would “fuck the shit out of her”.

In addition to being given the dildo, Pellegrini claims she was called "bitch," asked to obtain automatic weapons for a photo shoot, and "was subjected to constant and pervasive harassment during her tenure with the company.” ICP’s Joseph Utsler and Joseph Bruce, better known as their stage names “Shaggy 2 Dope” and “Violent J,” are named as defendants in the lawsuit, along with Psychopathic Records, William Dale, Robert Bruce and Dan Diamond, aka “Dirty Dan”.

click to enlarge Kid Rock ordered to produce dildo in ICP sexual harassment lawsuit
Artists rendering of what Kid Rock producing the glass dildo might look like