City Slang: James Williamson to release second single

Stooges guitarist James Williamson will release the second single from his forthcoming Re-Licked album, “I Got A Right / Heavy Liquid,” on July 29. Lisa Kekaula of the Bell Rays, and also formerly a regular vocalist for the DKT/MC5, sings on the tracks.

Williamson’s first single from the album, “Gimme Some Skin / Open Up and Bleed,” was released for Record Store Day earlier this year.

Re-Licked sees Williamson, backed by the current Stooges touring band of Mike Watt (bass), Steve Mackay (sax) and Toby Dammit (drums), recording a bunch of Stooges songs that were previously only available on bootlegs. Iggy Pop isn’t joining the band (hence no Stooges name on the front); instead, they’re joined by an impressive set of guest vocalists. This time, it’s Kekaula’s turn to shine.

We spoke to Williamson about the project back in March, and he told us that, “There was a period of time back there in ’73, ’74 where we were writing furiously new material for what we thought was going to be a second Columbia record, and that’s the body of this work that I’m recording. The thing was they didn’t pick up their option but we toured around it quite a bit, we played it live quite a bit back then, and so there’s lots of bootlegs of live performances but nothing properly recorded. So my thought and the whole concept behind this project was to do proper studio recordings of that body of material, but with different singers on every one of them.”