Cal Garrison to host "Real Time" astrology classes

Cal Garrison, creator of Metro Times' wildly popular weekly horoscopes, has announced that she will conduct a bi-monthly online school of astrology. cal

Real Time, as the seminar series is titled, invites those interested in learning about the art of astrology to an online forum that Garrison will conduct herself.

The first class will discuss the Moon and its role as the matrix within the realm of horoscopes. According to Garrison, the Earth's only satellite holds the key to two thirds of what we know about any one person, and provides the background frequency to our actions. The seminar will discuss the moon in depth as well as its affects our behavior. This first class is also available free of charge and is currently available to watch. 

Students can enroll quarterly, the first quarter running from June 8 to August 17. Quarters will run for three months with two classes per month. A quarter's worth of classes costs $150, with the first quarter coming at a $25 discount as the introductory class on the Moon is available for free. Registration is currently open. 

Having begun studying astrology at 16, Garrison has 45 years under in belt in the practice of prediction and has written several texts on the subject.