City Slang: Merry Blowout, everyone

Hang up your decorations and leave out some milk and cookies. Blowout is here again, and for lovers of Detroit music it might as well be Christmas. The format has changed but the principle is still the same – shit-hot local music, and lots of it.

Anything could happen over the next four days. Three cities, a ton of venues and a whole lot of bands. Remember, a festival like this couldn’t happen anywhere else. Nearly all local bands, year after year? It’s incredible, and you get to sample it in one mega weekend.

So tonight is the launch party at the Majestic complex. It’s a hell of a bill too, spread across multiple genres. Pontiac rapper RO Spit, Americana dude Ryan Dillaha, out-of-town alt rockers Local H, Juke wiz DJ Godfather, Stollsteimer’s new Ponyshow, scene leader George Morris, blues rockers Dutch Pink, rock ’n’ roller Ronny Tibbs, puks Snakewing, (gasp), Talking Dolls, Oscillating Fan Club what a night.

There’s also something called Adele Dazeem, but nobody quite knows what that it. The name implies a Travolta theme though.

Again, anything could happen. We’re expecting the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre guys to show up at some point, if not tonight then at some point over the weekend, and that’ll surely be good for a chuckle.

Now is the time to go out and enjoy the vast quantity of quality local music that we’ve laid on for you. It’s an all you can eat buffet. Go pig out.