Jerry Vile "humbled" to be voted Best Painter in Detroit

We love Jerry Vile and so do you, and this statement that he sent us in response to his "Best Painter" award in the Metro Times Best Of Issue shows exactly why. This is Vile at his sarcastic, razor-sharp best. And he truly is the best. Perhaps of all time.

"Jerry Vile, Detroits best painter was both surprised humbled when he heard the news that his painting prowess was acknowledged as being better than anyone else's in the city. Vile modestly stated, " I am truly humbled to receive the award for "Detroit's Best Painter", There are a lot of artists painting amazing, important things, and just because my work is considered better than theirs is no reason not to acknowledge their greatness, it just means my work was considered better than what they did by the public, it's really no big deal."
The best painter then made the generous offer to accept the award on behalf of all Detroit painters who don't happen to be as best as him. "I hope by accepting this award on behalf of all the hardworking painters out there. We are all the best. And just because my painting is better than people who have spent their entire lives mastering the brush, and spend days, months and years on their paintings theirs makes this award all the more special, and even more humbling."
Not only was the best painter humbled, he was also surprised, by the award, very surprised, "In all honesty, I was surprised, very surprised by this award. I did not think the public was all that smart and astute. But that's me, call me the best and I am very surprised and humbled by the accolades.", the best painter modestly intoned.
The best painter, who was also surprised there was only the title and no monetary award, went on to state, "I understand this award is merely for the best living painter. I certainly would not want people to assume I was the greatest painter that ever lived on the face of the earth. Should I even be considered for that honor that would make me even more humble than this one has, but if that what's people are thinking, who am I to judge?"