Magical moments

Best Place for Loose Lips Columnists to Hang Out
The Magic Stick

Being a gossip columnist is really rough. You get paid to go to the latest, trendiest nightspots, mercilessly stick your nose in other people’s business, and talk trash in print. People hate you, either because of what you wrote about them or because you didn’t write about them at all. Oh, the suffering Mr. Coston and I put ourselves through just so you can be privy to the best dish in Detroit. Why, if one more promoter sends me a VIP invite, or if another cute boy flirts with me and buys me a drink just so I’ll mention his band in my column…

OK, so maybe my job isn’t so hard. But sometimes it can be challenging. What do you write about when there’s nothing fantastically earthshakin’ and groundbreakin’ going on? You fall back on a few reliable standards — one of them being the Magic Stick. With a consistently outstanding schedule of the hottest local and national acts, the Stick is the place to go whether you’re into rock, pop, funk, blues, rockabilly or garage — or if you just feel like shooting some pool and knocking back a few with your pals. It’s even great for partyers on a budget; the Stick often packs three or more bands on a bill for a low cover charge, so you get the most entertainment bang for your hard-earned buck. Not to mention you’re guaranteed to bump into the who’s who of the Detroit music scene, out to support their friends’ acts and promote their own. And if for some reason you get bored, you can scamper off to explore the rest of the Majestic Entertainment Complex o’ fun, by bowling a round at the Garden Bowl, grabbing a tasty little nosh at the Majestic Café, or dipping into the Majestic Theatre to hear even more exceptional music and special events. If only you could sleep there so you’d never have to leave.