Metro Retro

25 years ago in Metro Times: In an aptly named article "More ramblings about cats," Garaud MacTaggart writes almost anything anybody could ever want to know about owning a cat. The article has an almost eerie predictive quality, since it contains photos of cats accompanied by cute captions. Although "Why is somebody always sticking a camera in our faces?" doesn't have the same ring as "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?" this article may be the first published instance of LOLcatz. What was happening: Robert Plant at Joe Louis Arena, Eric Clapton and the Beach Boys at Pine Knob.

14 years ago in Metro Times: Metro Times provides a look back, and a look forward, regarding the year-long (and counting) Detroit newspaper strike. Starting in July of 1995, strikers have made very little headway in getting the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press to acquiesce to their demands for better working conditions. Instead, the companies hired replacement workers, and things are looking worse for both the union and the papers, as sales and wages both plummet. The strike would not result in new labor contracts until 2000. Thanks to the Internet, things have only gotten harder for Detroit's daily papers, as they have for papers nationwide. What was happening: Meat Loaf and Def Leppard at Pine Knob, Lutefisk at the Majestic.

10 years ago in Metro Times: Renee Emery Wolf gives her opinions on legalizing medical marijuana. Wolf uses marijuana routinely to help alleviate the symptoms of her multiple sclerosis, and is an active supporter of legalization, and was once arrested for lighting up in a state legislator's office. Marijuana was legal for medical purposes in Michigan between 1979 to 1987, thanks to the state's Public Act 125, and would not be legalized again here until 2008. Federal law enforcement still retains the power to arrest users, medical or otherwise, in any state, so use of medical marijuana still remains a risky business. What was happening: The Doobie Brothers at Pine Knob, Ricky Martin at the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Black Eyed Peas at St. Andrew's Hall. 

Special thanks to editorial intern Noah Heinrich for his assistance with this column.