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Wanted: Weapons of Fate
Universal Gaming
Xbox 360 Ps3

Wesley Gibson is the living embodiment of the revenge fantasy. His life's rife with everything you'd hope that your life ain't. Dead-end job? Check. Girlfriend cheating with your best friend? Check. No future?  … Look, you get the point; Wesley's is a shit life. That is until Angelina Jolie swaggers in and enables Wesley to become the baddest motherfucker with a gun ever

You're probably familiar with the setup because you read the Wanted comic book or you saw the movie last year. But, the thrust of Wanted: Weapons of Fate is what happens about eight hours after the events of the film. So, the movie's imperative for the storyline here to make sense. 

Wesley's sarcastic narrative kicks things off, continuing throughout for comedic affect, and after a quick basic-moves tutorial, you're off and killing. 

Tearing a playbook from the Gears of War series, shooting behind someone else's cover is a must. You soon gain the ability to curve bullet trajectory, which allows you to kill those pesky assholes who never show their heads. Your quick dashes, from one protected area to another to get a better shot at the enemy, form the meat of the game. There are a few different gameplay scenarios, like where time moves in slow-mo as you mow down multiple enemies — just like in the movie. 

Weapons of Fate's control is tight and intuitive, except for the bullet-curving button, which can be difficult at first. The game skews easy, with no really noticeable bump in difficulty between "medium" and "hard." Also, while your character's equipped with some sweet, make-killing-easy moves, you exterminate the same character the same way, but in different locales — the game's repetitive; few sequences diverge from the main path.

Some may balk at the lack of depth here. But if you dug the flick, and view Wanted: Weapons of Fate as its companion piece (with hints of a movie sequel), it's a good time. Besides, the killing never gets old, which is exactly the point: It's much better than your own mundane life with the dead-end job and the cheating girlfriend.