Cinema gabfest

Join WDET's Rob St. Mary and Metro Times critics Jeff Meyers and Corey Hall for their monthly gabfest about cinema, on the big screen, on DVD and on the streets of Michigan. The on-air discussions will include talk of current and upcoming political films including Oliver Stone's loved and hated W.

The critics will also weigh the politics of Oscar season, and why movies Hollywood thought looked "award-worthy" have been shelved for now.

There's more: You'll get the latest news about films shooting in town and film festival screenings in the metro Detroit area.

Also, a DVD pick or three for your viewing enjoyment.

The First Friday Film Forum on Detroit Today: It's at 11 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7. Chime in at 313-577-1019 or on the blog at It's only on WDET 101.9-FM, Detroit Public Radio and online at