On the Download

When you're not bound by the laws of "physics" or "reality," you can do things like, oh, say, invent a teleportation device, fly so fast in space that you reverse the earth's rotation and thus time ... or, more ground-level, create a three-sided single. Thanks to the joys of the Internets, I'll now present this week's triple single snapshot of Detroit's musical awesomeness (yes, that's a technical term).


Nice Device

The Nice Device are the kind of rock 'n' roll artists that you could take for granted too easily. They, quite simply, make a near-perfectly-honed rawk noise honed to pop's razor-sharp edge, hooks 'n' all. On this cut, the power quartet led by frontwoman-guitarist Alicia Gbur's tough-but-sugar-sweet take on '80s greats like Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde buzzes with a road-tested energy and economy without sacrificing the hint of spontaneity that leaves some of the corners grungy and raw. It's driving, it gets its claws in you, the head bobs like Homer Simpson saying "Yes! Yes! This rocks" and then they're gone. Helping them with the festivities are the blog-ubiquitous (at least last week) Friendly Foes and Millions of Brazilians (truly one of our fair city's most underrated outfits).


The Telescopes
From the file marked "Detroit Space Rock City," and from the sub-tribe known as Mind Expansion (whose local branch includes perennial psych-swirl maestros Fuxa, among others) comes this lovely backwards-looking shoegaze-noise-swirl-psych treat from U.K. outfit, the Telescopes. Around the same time as My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3 (i.e. the late '80s, early '90s) were perfecting a far-out sound rooted in the inner landscape, the Telescopes were mining the same paths as their more well-known trailblazers. Mind Expansion's done a singles comp from the Telescopes, capturing the swirling glory in all its, er, glory. This one's from the upcoming Mind Expansion label compilation. Clear your mind and your soul will follow.


Detroit Grand Pubah's
Detroit Grand Pubah's will forever be known as the outfit that graced with world with the timelessly funked-up sex ditty "Sandwiches." That alone would be enough. But the Pubah's have made a (re)surgence as of late with Paris the Black Fu (aka Dr. Bootygrabber) re-donning the wig, the diaper and the voice modulator to unleash the twisted would-be dancefloor filling single, "Birth in Zero Gravity" and the twisted theme song, "Dr. Bootygrabber." And now it seems that they've returned with a new full-length called "Nuttin' Butt Funk." The jams are sick like only a doctor of buttology can concoct. Lasciviously tongue-in, er, -cheek come-on monologues that are as disturbing as they are entertaining. If you haven't had a chance to take in the ever-expanding scope of Paris' ongoing obsession with the female booty and other delights, head to one of two sites and grab an assfull of a true D-otown orginal. Tracks like the illbient meditation "Thanks for Comin'," and "Sky Dive from Venus" await. Now get to typin'.

By the way, who's gonna press this fantasy slab up for me? Send your own would-be three-siders. I'd love to hear 'em!

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