Motor City Cribs

SSM and elite Detroit rock drummer Dave Shettler and Emma Heinemann moved into their Mexican Town home a year and a half ago. When you step into their two-story, three-bedroom home, with its wood floors and detailing, it's as if time has stood still; in its cavernous foyer, you can feel the heartbeats of laughing children from a century ago. The history is here. And it's joyous.

As if to "update" the 100 plus-year-old home, Dave and Emma adore classic '70s design and colors. Since the couple believes in reusing furniture, art and appliances, it's no surprise that the home's furnished with found objects, hand-me-downs and thrift-store gems. There are four aesthete eyes at work here: Emma's a designer at Crate and Barrel, and Dave does carpentry in between his drumming/DJ gigs. (Musically, these days, Dave's obsession with obscure disco and electro tracks from the mid-'70s to the early-'80s is apparent. He spins "freak disco" at Disco/Secret Sundays at the Detroit Eagle.)

Of course there are gobs of cool records and books about; an exciting night for them might be cuddling up with a Philip K. Dick and Richard Ford novel respectively while hanging out with their dog and two cats. Hell, Dave keeps a dictionary/thesaurus next to their bed to help him get through Dick's diction.

And if you see Dave and Emma around, give 'em salutations because they just got married this week. "Maybe we'll both change our last names to Davis," they crack. "Wouldn't that be cool? Dave and Emma Davis?"