Attention Span


There are no startling revelations behind Playboy’s "Best Kept Sex Secrets" video. For $20, it offers up a sweet potion of sweat, silicone and intimate advice for lovers. Essentially a 55-minute better-sex infomercial, it features sex kittens and waxed, tanned calendar hunks, bumping and grinding under instructional voice-overs. From vibrators to tantric techniques, "Best Kept Sex Secrets" pulls out all the tools for a complete sexual makeover. But frankly, their parade of soft-core porn stars wearing nothing but massage oil and wedding rings is a little over-the-top. It might not teach the average person anything more than one of those tantalizing Cosmo articles, but for those who’d rather watch than read, "Best Kept Sex Secrets" might be an obvious choice.


Sending flowers is an old-fashioned way to express romantic feeling. Sending a Kama Sutra Weekender Kit might be a new approach, but it carries on a tradition of its own. The FTD Web site offers everything from bouquets to candles to this introduction to the joys of the Kama Sutra. The compact kit is a sampler of products that promise new pleasures from ancient ideas. It includes the original oil of love, pleasure balm, wild clove and mint-tree bathing gels, and honey dust with a handmade feather applicator. At least you won’t have to hunt for your lead crystal vase. Order the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit for about $26 at or call 800-SEND-FTD.


Forget the candy hearts. Lover’s Lane offers a more permanent way to quip to your heart’s content. For about $10 each, Lover’s Lane’s cool little love stones promise to get your most meaningful messages across. These polished natural stones say: "Be Mine," "Cool Dude," "Call Me," "Do Me," "Hug Me," "Kiss Me," "Marry Me" and more, in an earthy, quirky way your lover won’t soon forget. Choose your favorite saying or create a personal message for your significant other. Granted, they don’t make the most extravagant gifts, but love stones are fun, original and will probably last longer than your relationship. For more information, visit