"Head noddin’, body poppin’, bed rockin’, so you can feed your soul medicine" says the intro to "The Flow," Detroit’s (and Windsor’s, too) newest radio show. Detroit has long been the home of the eccentric DJ-programmed radio show – from Mike Halloran to the Electrifying Mojo – making the local airwaves exciting. Now CJAM (91.5 FM) gets its turn to make radio history with "The Flow" every Friday from 6-8 p.m., courtesy of hosts Skip Doodoo, Double Flush and Turtlehead (you might know them better as Recloose, Hannah and Rob from Planet E). These three highly diverse beatheads’ selection of music is an inspiring freeform mix of classic and modern soul-inspired sounds, going even deeper and jazzier than a Kenny Dixon Jr. (aka Moodymann) set – from Slum Village to Lee Perry to crusty disco nuggets and way beyond. Not to mention the hosts present themselves with a lot of humor, and Recloose has that golden radio voice from his early days at Ann Arbor’s freeform conduit WCBN 88.3 FM. You can check out "The Flow" at CJAM 91.5 FM Windsor, broadcasting live via real audio at www.uwindsor.ca/cjam/.


The first time I heard Derrick Carter was on the classic Nettwork bleep compilation Biorhythms. He had a track on there with Mark Farina and Chris Nazuka called "Moods" that had originally come out through Detroit’s KMS label. It was techno from an era when techno and house were not so far apart. The second time I heard Derrick Carter it was in 1992, at a loft after-party for the Cybersonik-Moby-Prodigy show I had just seen at Medusa’s in Chicago. He was spinning with Farina and it was the first time I heard some of my favorite records by Cajmere and Murk, so you can imagine how blown away I was. The last time I saw Derrick Carter play was with Derrick May at a Transmat party in Eastern Market. His presence on the decks was Zenlike, with perfect pitch and key every time and a truly stunning grace. He just keeps getting better.

Well, he’s coming to town to play a party called "Derrick Carter & Friends" on Saturday, Feb. 5. His friends include Miles Maeda, another gentleman from Chicago who is a longtime favorite in Detroit; he’s known here for playing "Voom" parties back in ‘93. He’s super hot right now thanks to his house reworking of Prince’s "Erotic City" (which was released by Fragmented Records). Call for info at 313-438-0137 or 248-988-1174. "Derrick Carter & Friends" promoter-DJ Chuck Daniels will also be starting up a new Thursday weekly event at the Shelter called "The Works," kicking off Feb. 10 with longtime Carter cohort Mark Farina (whom you might know from his Mushroom Jazz series on Om records. He’s a truly open-minded and accomplished DJ).


Remember that guy in the thong and wig at Richie’s New Year’s party doing that "Sandwiches" track? You know, the biggest new-artist Detroit record of last year? Well, that was Paris the Black Fu and he’s a major label artist now, with the Detroit Grand Pu Bahs freshly signed to Jive Electro. Jive, the label that brought you Britney Spears, will now also be bringing you Paris. (Is it me or does the world keep getting weirder?) Watch for remixes soon, as well as a version to be released on Hawtin’s M_nus label.


Solar (an innovative night in electronic music) is having its two-year anniversary in Ann Arbor on February 9. Last year’s anniversary party was absolutely crazy, with a four-turntable tag-team set by Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson blowing everyone away. So how will promoter Jon Layne top it this year? A different kind of four-turntable tag-team, this one by Carl Craig and Kenny Larkin. But wait, there’s more: the first-ever live show by the Detroit Grand Pu Bahs. If that isn’t enough, Ann Arbor residents Carlos Souffront and Craig Gonzalez will be opening the night. It’s set to be a good time. Advance tickets available at all Ticketmaster locations, Mojo (A2) and SKR-Dubplate Pressure (A2). For more info, contact intuit at 248-975-8773 or www.intuit-solar.com or www.99music.com.