Loose Lips


Not having been to Lush in Hamtramck since the swanky club was in vogue, I stopped by Friday night for some dancin’, drinkin’ and reminiscin’. Packs of gorgeous young ladies in skintight clothing stumbled about everywhere, reminding me of the good ol’ days when puking at the end of the night signified a great weekend.

My more "mature" perspective, however, revealed a new source of nausea – the lechers lurking in the shadows, presumably making it their mission to escort these girls as they made their way down FUBAR Road.

As last call approached, I watched in horror as way-too-old slicksters scooped up armfuls of rubber-limbed hotties barely able to stand, let alone talk. One guy, who danced alone all night, still left the bar with two blond bombshells he practically had to carry out.

There were handfuls of regular folk to have decent conversations with (I’m guessing, as the music volume permitted only physical communication), such as Ralph Binne-Boese of Windsor and his party. Celebrating Erica Hooper’s 27th birthday, along with Charmon Hooper and John S. (all from Detroit), Binne-Boese was a charming gentleman, even giving up his barstool – a hot commodity, to be sure! – so I could rest my dancing feet.

Pharmacist Max Bible of Toledo (the only blond male in sight), when not flaunting his considerable stuff on the dance floor, amused himself by keeping count of falling fillies.

Two of Hamtramck’s boys in blue popped in as well, making folks nervous for a while. I’m not sure what they were looking for, but it probably wasn’t new dance steps.

But the genuine article can still be found behind the bar, as Eric Hermann serves it up with style and a smile. Overall, Lush is still a happenin’ place to dance the night away.


Big Mama’s Wedding (a soulful variation of Tony & Tina’s Wedding) wrapped up this weekend at the Masonic Temple, and wow, will it be missed!

Authored by Keegan-Michael Key (catch him at Second City), this riotous interactive play is a landmark production that I’m betting is headed to Broadway. Talented local cast members to watch for at other venues include CoCo (CoCo’s Comedy Club, Detroit, and WJLB morning personality), Marlon Randolph (a hilarious stand-up comic), Dave Herbst (upcoming film, Garage: A Rock Saga), and the gregarious Gary McKenzie (Super G of 2Native; new CD just released), whose impressive performances range from stand-up to dramatic theater.


The long-anticipated Cabinet Theatre, which promises a shocking new brand of R-rated improvisational drama and comedy, finally opened its doors this weekend. Always eager to be on the cutting edge, I checked out its first show, "Cheese and Crack Whores," on Saturday night. So did Mental Landscape’s Rambeaux and lovely mate Kelly Rhae, whom I was thrilled to have bumped into. (Mental Landscape, by the way, is my pick for the next Detroit band to explode nationally.)

Impressively hand-constructed by its founding members, the theater is actually hidden in the Third Street Saloon’s back room – sort of like the "adult" section at the video store. This is perhaps the most cozily elegant place in which you could comfortably grind a cigarette out on the floor. Like being in a really cool kid’s fixed-up basement, the atmosphere affords casual comfort and hip aesthetics.

The show itself, written and performed by Christy Bonstell, Dustin Gardner, Grant Krause, Gina Lohmen, Keith Reay and Eric Rutherford, was relevant and hard-hitting.

Local improviser Gerry McAvoy, also in the house, told me at intermission, "These guys deal with ideas that really beat you over the head; there’s no taking cover from uncomfortable issues. This is what meaningful improv is all about. It might offend, but you won’t be bored!" Hard hats optional.

The waitstaff was outstanding, feeling more like friends than servers, and kept my beer full and cold. The talented tinklings of Dave Peckens at the piano set the scenes, and John "Evil Genius" Holtson’s direction kept the show on the road. The charmingly enigmatic Joe Latessa played door guy.

Mingling afterward with the cast, I learned that cheeky cherub Gardner – though still single – had his head turned recently by a certain Tres Vite waitress; seems he’s in seventh heaven. Better act fast, ladies!


Fans of the VuDu Hippies flocked to Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak last week for two sets of the band’s original and very groovin’ music. Always drawing an especially likable crowd, the VuDu Hippies have a diverse fan base. Fucking Scream drummer Lenny Fawlin revealed, over shots of tequila, his almost groupie-like status.

He’s not alone, as evidenced by the giggling groovesters who were all hyped about rhythm guitarist Chris, and made quite a scene trying to get noticed.

Powdering my nose before calling it a night, I was surprised by a visit in the ladies’ room by local barstool warmer Harold Blodgett. Blodgett was all gentleman, however, excusing himself for the interruption as he made his way into an empty stall!


Stun Gunner Joelle broke bread with a catsuited Niagara at Union Street last Wednesday, prompting me to wonder and speculate – has the fifth and final member been found ... ?