Never mind the bollocks ...

Brian Olive
"See Me Mariona"
Fitzrovian Phonographic

Debut solo slab from this former Greehnorne/Soledad Brother. A-side is crystallized low-key '60's UK psych like early Pink Floyd with punch-packing bass. The flip, "Calling All Around," syncopates sax into a Sgt. Pepper-ish mash of ideas that actually succeed. Essential.


Jay Reatard
"I Know a Place"
Goner Records

As a Killed by Death abuser (the Reatards) and a dark wave-ridin' synth goblin (Lost Sounds), Jay Reatard had some success. With this his pop-leaning Adverts-styled approach, Reatard finally got it right here. Concise with adroit flourishes, these songs are frighteningly perfect.


Michael Yonkers/Little Claw
Split tour single
X! Recordings

Two-thirds local Little Claw prep their upcoming wax on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace imprint with "Ice Age," which happens to rival Jandek in its atonality. Add Kylin's catty-cool vocal and it's a winner. Yonkers is so leftfield (drum machines, distorted drop tunings) for a man in his 60s that his side stands alone as damaged and delightful.


Split single
LL Records

The follow-up to their quasi-legendary "Mary Ellen Claims" single sees Tyvek on the Messthetics-DIY path of brilliant obscurity. The bass player totally carries this band, shambolically. Cygnus' meandering and vocal-free morass should be forgettable but captivates in a tribal face-paint sacrificial kind of way.


White Savage
"Destroy Your Style"
HoZac Records

Jered from the Ponys and Jimmy from the Baseball Furies team up with other Windy City weirdos for some no wave nonsense. Limited edition cover of faux white fur splattered with blood is the best 7" packaging since Le Shok's metal sleeves. B-side cover of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks' "Orphans" is tasty.


No Age
"Every Artist Needs a Tragedy"
Post Present Medium

Both sides are unfocused and affected. If you're gonna bury the vocals underneath a monotone drone and scratchy, overdriven guitar, why bother with words?


Question Mark
"Let's Go Crazy"
Are You For Real Productions

Recorded in 2000 without his trusty Mysterians, the Prince hit A-side is forgettable, but the flip covering the Stooges' "Loose" provides the missing link between Iggy and ?'s dirty garage lineage. Dig the Manzarek-style organ too. Available at — all proceeds benefit ? after his house fire.


Dilloway & Wiese
"Live at the Chislehurst Caves"

Ever get the feeling you're being bludgeoned? Ex-Wolf Eyes Aaron Dilloway and San Diego noise monger Jonh Wiese drag you through the muck while testing the absolute limits of your needle. Now I can cancel that colonic.


"Mud Mound"
Gilgongo Records

Field recordings for a future generation? Using a kitchen sink as a percussive force? Improvisational rehearsals? Experiments in effective effusion? Sweet jams? Yes!


"My Answer is Yes"
Rob's House Records

There's a new thing brewing called French Glue-Wave. They roll with brutal drum machines, searing guitars and (usually) disaffected vocals. It includes bands like Volt, Crash Normal and Cheveu. This'll be big for six months and then we'll all move onto the next fad. You've been warned.

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