Jeffrey Morgan's Media Nukeout

This is Jeffrey Morgan's Media Blackout #125 with the news!


Megadeth – United Abominations (Roadrunner) :: In 2004 Dave Mustaine released The System Has Failed, his damning indictment of the government. Now rock's foremost political thinker is back with another chapter of his Mustaine Doctrine and he's angrier than ever: "Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering international cauldron, the 'United Abominations' as it were. Born to prevent wars, it froze in the face of disaster and stood silent while terrorization took hostage the world. In a mire of hypocrisy, the UN ignores sex crimes by its 'blue-helmets' and enables terrorism; so in the end it's failed. And the UN is where our so-called 'friends' get to stab us in the back and we pay 22 percent of their tab to host our enemies here at home. Ambassadors from countries otherwise known as a catastrophe enjoy diplomatic immunity living in Manhattan, while their children are turned into prostitutes. It's a complete and utter disgrace, a blot on the face of humanity, and they get away with it." Over to you, Ozzy.

Ozzy Osbourne — "Thank God for the Bomb" (CBS) :: "Nuke ya, nuke ya!"

The Stooges — The Weirdness (Virgin) :: Album of the year.

Blood Sweat & Tears — Spinning Wheel (Music Video Distributors) & WAR — Loose Grooves: Funkin' Live In England 1980 (Music Video Distributors) :: Twenty-seven years ago, David Clayton-Thomas' reformed BST went out on tour with WAR and these two DVDs are the archival record of that epochal excursion. I saw him at a jazz fest recently and he was still hitting the high notes, so you can just imagine how easy he makes it all sound here on growling panty-wetters like "Lucretia MacEvil" and the title track. Then once your date's properly primed, let the WAR warriors seal the deal as lubricious Afrofunk classics like "Spill The Wine" and "Low Rider" get down and do their ribald work. By this point you won't be watching the screen anyway, so move to the aural groove and catch the groovy vintage visuals later.

Be nuking you!

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