The lust issue

Brian Smith
Bigger, harder

The Dirty Show slithers slowly into mainstream.

Eve Doster
Partying with the dirty old man

Who was I sexually? Was this show too far out?

Michael Jackman
The last peep show

Adult shops face an uncertain future.

Wendy Case
Do me, grind me

A confirmed ‘sexualist’ tackles the ‘sensualist’ beast.

Sandra Svoboda
Deep inside the Kinsey Institute

A writer’s tale from under the ivy.

W. Kim Heron
Just another lust song

Daniel Levitin thinks there’s a reason for music — sex.

Anne Arche
Gal's party for one

One woman’s libidinous view from the bed and head.

A.Z. Nicholson
Guy's party for one

It started at age 12 — with a Playmate.

Sean Bieri
Lust comics