Plug it in, plug it in — Still curious about the fate of the EV1? You can learn (and bitch) more at and Both are chock-full of information, press clips, background, conspiracy theories, photos of crushed EV1s — it’s a crusty, granola-chompin’ tree hugger’s dream come true.

If you’re itching to get off your duff and do something about it, go to The site was started in protest against Toyota’s plans to crush and destroy its line of RAV4 EVs — but thanks to this grassroots campaign, Toyota has decided to keep its electric vehicle on the roads and out of the scrap heaps.

More of the same can be found at Web sites like (The Electric Auto Association), and It seems there’s an entire electric car revolution brewing online.

Are you sold, and ready to buy your own? You might want to peruse the online electric car classifieds at

But why stop at just an electric car? Why not get an electric bike? Or an electric scooter, or even an electric tricycle for little Bobby? See it for yourself at

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