Letters to the Editor

A Nobel cause

Mr. Lessenberry: I enjoyed your recent column, "Why journalism is failing us" (Metro Times, May 10). I usually find The Detroit News slightly less insipid than the Free Press. But I was taken aback earlier this week when 60 percent of their front page was devoted to articles about Chauncey Billups and the 7-year-old kid dancing without a shirt at Pistons' games.

The appearance of the three Nobel Prize winners at Wayne State University was actually extensively covered by one publication. It was the main front page article this week in, of all places, the Grosse Pointe News. It is truly sad when the metro dailies are outclassed by the GP News, a paper mainly devoted to real estate ads and finding a replacement for the old Jacobson's store. —Tony Wagoner, Harper Woods


Elective studies

Re: Jack Lessenberry's "Are we ready for democracy?" (Metro Times, May 24), the issue of lifetime incumbents is a reflection of the general American population. Things like lifetime incumbents and shady elections will always appear when the America public doesn't bother to show up and vote. If you think the two parties are going to do anything about it, think again. They both thrive when the American public doesn't bother to show, or does not know how to participate.

In all seriousness, why have election proposals (local and state) have been put on the primary ballots, and not the election ballots? I saw that for myself in St. Clair Shores on the school proposals more than a few times. Also, why is there not a required social science course all American high schools (public and private) on how to vote?

Finally, why has there not been a grassroots campaign to make the second Tuesday of November a national holiday? No offense to George Washington, Abe Lincoln or Martin Luther King — but I think all three would gladly give up their holidays for that. —Matt Sawtell, Sterling Heights


A record skipped

My name is Lorna Kuschel. I am the owner of Solo Records located in Royal Oak, previously of Birmingham. When you did that feature article on independent record stores ("Out of the groove," Metro Times, May 10), you conveniently left out Solo Records.

We have been in business for 25 years, and started our 26th year this past April. We are one of the oldest independent stores left in the metro area. My store has distributed your paper for you for the last 20-25 years now. You mean to tell me you didn't know that Solo Records existed? (You could have checked your circulation list — your paper is dropped off here every Wednesday.)

Your article concentrated on plenty of stores long gone out of business. What about the stores still in business, like us. Your article made perfectly clear how hard it is to stay in this business with competition every which way you turn.

Of all the indies in this area, you only missed Solo Records and one other store. We have been kind enough to distribute The Metro Times from the beginning of our existence. I would appreciate a mention in your paper. Thank you. —Lorna Kuschel, owner, Solo Records, Royal Oak


Mad about Pearl

I read your piece on Eddie and Pearl Jam ("Idolizing Pearl Jam," Metro Times, May 17). It read as though you have no idea about the history of Pearl Jam, as you showed no originality whatsoever when you, like a thousand other writers, referenced PJ taking on Ticketmaster more than 10 years ago, again.

Dude, it's been played and written about. There is so much more to talk about, but you obviously have no credibility since you choose to bring up the tired Ticketmaster reference.

I should have stopped reading there, but, like you, I'm an idiot sometimes. So I got into your American Idol piece. OK, this just plainly read like you were auditioning for a position at Mad magazine.

If you can't write anything important about the greatest American rock band, don't use their name in a headline just to get attention. An average rock fan can see right through your bullshit.

Good luck with the Mad gig, I hope it pays better than your current one, you hack. —Greg A. Smith, San Diego

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