EFF You — We here at Backslash feel like cyberdummies for not discovering this Web gem sooner: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, at A nonprofit watchdog group for digital rights, it was founded — surprisingly enough — way back in 1990.

Given today's (justifiable) paranoia with regard to online identity theft, spying and privacy, many are beginning to just now discover the site, which is a comprehensive mix of reports, links, pending legal cases and campaigns; check out their Action Center at for a list of current issues.

And EFF gets the job done: just check out a list of their victories — including important cases defending personal privacy and basic civil rights — at Most of the site's funding comes from memberships (the site is free to use and all information is accessible to the public, but membership will give you the warm-fuzzy glow of helping to fight the good fight).

And best of all, the folks at EFF have a healthy sense of humor: They have a variety of goods for sale, including a pocket-sized Bill of Rights card, a "Keep on Blogging" shirt, and our personal favorite: Fourth Amendment shipping tape (for those who flunked history class, the Fourth protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures). Wrap your luggage or packages in the tape, and anyone who wants to get into your stuff will have to literally slice through the Fourth Amendment to do so.

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