No sweat — The Internet is full of prefabricated crap to buy — but there are still a few cyber corners of the Web where you can find thoughtful, artistic, handcrafted items that weren't produced in a sweatshop in the Third World. Such is the mission of providing a forum for people to buy and sell unique handmade artwork, crafts, clothing and jewelry.

For a relatively new site, there's a vast amount and variety of goods available for sale, including brightly colored glycerin soaps in the shape of fortune cookies, hand-sewn checkbook covers decorated with fish bones, and cutesy sweaters for your doggie. You can search the wares by category (accessories, geekery, weddings, etc.) or even by color and material.

Featured sellers are interviewed by the site, discussing their art or craft backgrounds and their inspirations for their works.

Similar sites exist at, and, but they tend toward the Cracker Barrel-style of home decor, while Etsy has a distinctly punk chic, DIY, stitch-n-bitch flair to it. We're particularly fond of the tiny, hand-sewn pocket voodoo dolls, for the busy, on-the-go curser in your life.

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